Çubuklu Bay

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Çubuklu Bay is a small bay located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, on the Bosphorus Strait. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists, offering a serene and secluded atmosphere and stunning views of the sea. Here’s a closer look at Çubuklu Bay:

Çubuklu Bay is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, about 10 km north of the Bosphorus Bridge. It is accessible by car or public transportation and is surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning landscapes.

Secluded Atmosphere
One of the main attractions of Çubuklu Bay is its secluded and peaceful atmosphere. The bay is surrounded by hills and forests, which provide a natural barrier from the outside world. The calm waters of the bay offer a serene environment for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation.

Çubuklu Bay is known for its small and secluded beaches, which offer clear waters and soft sand. The beaches are usually less crowded than other beaches in Istanbul, making them a great option for those who prefer a more private and peaceful beach experience.

Yacht Club
Çubuklu Bay is home to a yacht club, which offers a range of services for yacht owners and visitors. The club provides berthing services, as well as maintenance and repair services for boats. It also offers a range of recreational activities, such as sailing and swimming lessons.

There are several restaurants located in Çubuklu Bay that offer a range of Turkish and international cuisine. Many of these restaurants offer stunning views of the sea and the surrounding area, making them a great place to enjoy a meal or a drink while taking in the beauty of the bay.

Some options for Boat Cruise in Turkey

Luxury Gulet 42.20 m with 6 Cabins

Luxury Gulet 30 m. (9 Cabins)

Luxury Gulet 44m “Tersane 8”

Luxury Gulet 39.50 m with 6 Cabins

Luxury Gulet 24m for Small Groups

Gulet 26m “Halil Aga 1”

Bali 4.4

Delux Gulet

Catamaran Cruise In Turkey

Bali 4.4 2023Bali 4.6 2023Bali Catspace2023
Bali 4.2 2022Bali Catspace 2022Bali 4.6 2022
Bali 4.6 2021Bali 4.8 2022Lagoon 40 2023
Lagoon 52 2014Bali 4.2 2023Lagoon 50 Owner’s Version 2022

5 And 6 Cabin Yachts For Cruise In Turkey

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 (5 cabins)D&D Kufner 54 Exclusive (5 cabins)Lagoon 50 (6 cabins)
Bali 4.2 (5 cabins)Bali 4.6 (5 cabins)Bali 4.8 ( 5 cabins)

5 cabins and 6 cabins yachts






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