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Marina Prices in Turkey

Marina prices in Turkey differ according to season and location so its better to ask the marinas. Below you will find the marinas in Turkey according to regions and when you click the region you can ask marina prices directly to marinas. Choose the region you want to go. Fill the price inquiry form click send button. Yor inquiry will reach them at the same time and they will respond directly to your e-mail.

Marina Prices around Izmır

Marina Prices around Bodrum

Marina Prices around Marmaris Fethiye Göcek

Marina Prices around Antalya

Marina Prices around Istanbul

By this way you save time and get the idea of price rate easily. Or if you want you can learn the marina prices by directly a phone call or by a direct e-mail. Please go to the Docking and Mooring in Turkey page for email and phones of the marinas.

If you just want to get a general idea about the marina prices in Turkey:

For a 45 feet ( 13 metres) sailing yacht the price is around 7000 Euros per year. For a 2 months period it will be around 2500 Euros. If you choose annual mooring nearly all marinas apply some campaigns like 1 month free or maybe other free services.

When you compare with other Mediteranean full service Marinas nearly the same with Greece and Crotia. Please have look at the page for world mooring prices

In Turkey you cannot buy a berth you can just rent it from the marina. In some countries like Crotia you can buy and even rent it.

The biggest marina chains in Turkey is Setur Marinas and D-Marin. Also Camper and Nicholson marina exits in Izmir. Generally marinas are full in summer season but you can find some docking and mooring areas without giving basic services like electricity and water, around the Eagean Sea. Also they don2t offer security. Foreign flags cannot moor in fisher’s marinas which offer better prices. They are only for Turkish Flag yachts but most of them don’t give security services.

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